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We’re The Yarn Owls

Your partner in driving digital excellence

Founded in 2020, Yarn Owls is a team of driven, dynamic professionals committed to achieving impactful results and transforming online experiences. Our expertise and innovative strategies help businesses achieve steady and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve and powering online success

Unleash the full potential of your digital presence while we craft exceptional solutions tailored to your business goals.

Our Vision

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Yarn Owls was founded to tackle the inherent challenge of crafting meticulously curated, authentic content. We firmly believe that B2B marketing cannot function with a one-size-fits-all approach because every project is unique in scope and requirements. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating tailored strategies that align precisely with each project's distinct needs.

In line with our founding message, we uphold the principle that strategies employed by businesses aiming to thrive should be reflective of their individual circumstances. This thorough evaluation forms the foundation for building comprehensive marketing strategies that yield optimal sustainable growth while ensuring a healthy return on investment.

By leveraging our expertise, personalised strategies, and comprehensive approach, we strive to become your trusted partner in driving success in the ever-evolving B2B landscape.

Our Mission

At Yarn Owls, we have embraced a paradigm shift that deviates from the outdated notion of churning out content by the kilo. Instead, we adopt a holistic sales and growth-driven approach to transform brands into digital success stories. 

We see the customer journey as a cohesive ecosystem and coordinate actions that lead to tangible results. Yarn Owls is dedicated to offering professional and highly effective B2B marketing solutions, going the extra mile to address each sector's distinctive challenges and dynamics.

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We dive into each project, carefully analysing and assessing its industry landscape, specific verticals, and target audience to create practical, effective and integrated solutions.

That last sentence… Yeah… it wasn’t our first choice either…

Didn’t get it? Why don’t you reach out to us?

Meet The Team



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Arunima is a Potterhead. This editing Owlie’s favourite job is to nibble down content to precision. She works for Keb(abs) and sleep and loves to cook for and feed people, not necessarily in that order. You will spot this timid Owlie in groups, usually being the silent observer.


Senior Writer

Sritama is kind and a one-of-a-kind Owlie. As a prolific writer of Yarn Owls, she works hard to support her love for collecting gadgets and gizmos aplenty as a side hobby. She’s a dreamer by the day and a work-machine at night who burns her midnight oil to tirelessly toil and earn her spoils. 



Senior Writer

Books, houseplants, crafts, and coffee – the ultimate mantra of happiness for this overzealous, workaholic multitasker. Meet the imaginative content developer, blogger, and bookworm extraordinaire! With a knack for words and a love for all things literary, you will find Urna in her own happy 'SANCTUARY'.



Head of Content

Manisha takes her work (very) seriously and is a mysterious blend of warmth and determination. She swings between being a bubbly chatterbox and the most intimidating force on the planet – there's no middle ground! Approach cautiously – she might surprise you with a bear hug and a spreadsheet.



Head of Web Development

Aritra is an editor, project manager and web developer. You’ll love him on the best days (which is 97.5% of the time). Overall, he loves chilling and goofing around while he is also very cool when he’s not busy working. Aritra loves Yarn Owls, Pokemon, nice people and animals.

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